Laparoscopic Ventral Mesh Rectopexy: Evidence for Treatment in Rectal Prolapse and Future Considerations

Case Study


  • Youngjoo Kang Medical Student
  • Sandeep Singh


Rectal prolapse is benign full-thickness intussusception of the rectal wall and is associated with significant adverse effects upon patient Quality of Life. The definitive treatment for rectal prolapse is surgery, in particular laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy (LVMR). However, recent concern surrounding the long-term effects of mesh implants has led to uncertainty in the safety and efficacy of LVMR. This case study illustrates the best practices in patient selection for LVMR and the evidence of LVMR's efficacy and safety through a literature review of the most recent research. Additionally, the recent legal and public concerns will be discussed alongside potential solutions for LVMR use in the future.