Management of Vascular Graft Infection

Case Study


  • Harry Ward Oxford University
  • Dominic PJ Howard



vascular, graft, infection, surgery


This case report focuses on the risk factors, diagnosis, and management of vascular graft infections. A complex and intriguing case is presented and the latest evidence on aetiology and management of this challenging condition are summarised. The contention regarding the diagnostic criteria for graft infection is addressed, and how different imaging modalities and genetic or systemic biomarkers could aid this diagnostic process. Key management challenges are also discussed. Firstly, the difficulties of penetration and efficacy of antimicrobials and the issues surrounding biofilm formation. Secondly, the different surgical options such as graft preservation with partial excision or muscle flap coverage, or excision and revascularisation. Further, the type of explant and the latest innovations in the field of biological grafts are considered. Overall, this case report brings to the fore the lack of structured guidelines and level 1 evidence for the diagnosis and management of vascular graft infection, and calls for a more structured, unified, multi-disciplinary approach.





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